Preparing For The Market

In preparing your home for the market pictures are very important!

Most buyers will think they’ve seen your home already just based on the internet pictures, so they need to be good! 

Clutter eats equity.
The less clutter you have in the house, the better your pictures are going to show and the more money you’ll end up getting. So, it’s extremely important that things are cleaned up, beds are made, countertops are free of appliances.

Unfortunately, we’re gonna have to get those magnets and the drawings off of the refrigerator, because that is also a very important surface to have nothing on. 

Home Staging
I’m a home stager, so I may do a few things when I arrive, just because I have a trained eye! 

Additionally, I want to get the best street shot possible. So, I will ask you when the sun hits the front of the house and I will schedule accordingly.