Marketing Your Home

When marketing your home, I use a three-point marketing system.

Point one is distribution.
The first place we put you is on the Maine listings. That’s where all the listings live in the state of Maine, and then it branches out to many, many websites, and I’ll go over all those websites with you when we do the market analysis. 

Point two is a response.
When I get a lead, I will respond to that immediately. This is all that I do. I do nothing else. I have no other job. I’m all yours. 

Point three is measurement.
If we’ve been on the market for any amount of time, 30 days or so, and we’ve had no showings, or we’ve had 10 showings and no offers, we need to measure why that is.

It may be pricing or it there may be other factors involved. However, you can be sure that with me on your side, we’ll respond properly and do all we can to get your house sold.