House Showings & Offers

You’ve hit the market, and we’re anxiously waiting for showings.

Same as photo day, all beds should be made, cat box is cleaned, lights on, toilet seats down. It’s really important this house is clean of clutter! Houses sell faster and for money, and that’s the goal for sure. 

The average time on the market varies, it’s about 45 to 120 days.
Most listings get a lot of activity in the first two weeks if they are priced right.

A lot of sellers think they should be home for the showings. However, it’s not a great idea. Buyers will ask questions of you that you may not want to answer.

So, it’s really important you let the real estate agents handle the process.

How We Handle The Offers

It’s not uncommon to get multiple offers.

It’s also not uncommon to get low-ball offers.

When we get an offer, what we can do is one of four things. 

  • We can accept it 
  • We can reject it 
  • We can counteroffer 
  • Or, we can do nothing 

The Money Is Not The Whole Story
Offers are not always about money. Sometimes they can be about terms that are unfavorable. For example, someone may give you the full price but they have a house to sell in a slow-moving market. We may be better off with an offer that’s a few thousand dollars less, that’ll close in 45 days with no house to sell. 

Low Ball Offers
Low ball offers can be easily discredited because they make us mad and often insult us. However, I’ve seen a buyer come up $50,000 in one fell swoop on a counteroffer. They obviously have an interest in your house or they wouldn’t have made an offer.

So, a lot of times we can make a low ball offer into a decent sale!