Contracts & Closings

You’re under contract – now what?
The home inspection comes next! That takes on average of three hours. Same as your showings, all people and pets should be gone. Most issues that arise are minor. Sometimes it’s something that you’ve dealt with since you’ve owned the home and the buyer doesn’t happen to like it and we may have to make a price adjustment or get a professional involved.

I have resources and can get somebody in to take care of most anything, so it’s just important to keep calm and realize this is just another part of the process and maybe another stage of negotiating, but we can usually get through it pretty easily. 

The Appraisal
The appraisal is ordered by the bank, paid for by the buyer. The intention is so the bank can verify collateral. They don’t want to lend money for a house that they don’t think meets their guidelines for value and condition. Most items can be easily fixed. In fact, we’ve probably discussed them at the listing appointment. It’s best to get these things done before the appraiser shows up.

The appraisal is key to making the most money!

Closing Day!

Closing day is a very important day!
You have already been packed up or you may have already moved. You don’t need to deep clean! Your house just needs to be free of all personal possessions and broom-swept. The buyer will do a walkthrough either the night before or just before the closing. So it’s really important that the house is presented to them in a way that will make them happy! It’s very important to keep the electricity on until the day after closing. The buyer will not be able to have a successful walkthrough if the power’s not on, so please keep that in mind. 

It’s also really important to have a valid ID at closing. So, if you have a recent birthday coming, you need to make sure your license has not expired!

You’ll need to bring:

  • keys 
  • garage door openers 

And that is about it! After that, you’ll need to go to the bank and cash that check. If you have any questions about the home-selling process, please give me a call.

I would love to help you make the right move.

House Under Contract
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